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We have a lot of new tools and media to work with resulting in art as unique as the artist’s imagination.

Bay Area native and professional San Francisco photographer for more than 25 years, I have always used my studio skills to make a living and I have continued artistic pursuits to give meaning to my personal photography. I graduated from the Photography Department at City College of San Francisco during the 70’s and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute during the 80’s. During my photography career, my work has been published in catalogs, journals and local media promoting local products, services and civic projects around the Bay Area. I have always found the time and energy to share photography with the youth of San Francisco. I worked with Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club in the Mission District as well as San Francisco Recreation and Parks summer arts programs. Currently I mentor young photographers through creative networks online and internships in my studio.
Fifteen years ago I left my career and family to live and work in Brazil. I got away from the studio and worked on location shooting restaurants, resorts, tours, sports and cultural activities for the tourist industry. As a result, I contributed photographs to the newspapers and www.itacare.com, the local website for tourism. During more than seven years there, I mounted several exhibitions and continued working with analog photography while the digital revolution was taking place.
In the Healdsburg studio, the emphasis is on documenting artwork, photographing people and shooting events in the wine country.

Eric Feathers
1280 Healdsburg Ave. Ste. 201
Healdsburg, CA 95448